Samuel Bassetto
Polytechnique Montréal
Assistant professor at the Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering of Polytechnique Montréal
Specialist In Continuous improvement, quality engineering


In the mass consumption industry, both in the production and the service sectors, quality has a major impact: a defective element which does not meet the expectations of the customer always is an issue. Therefore, companies are always looking at reaching a satisfaction rate of 100 %. If numerous industrial tools enable to reach a defective rate (non-conformities) extremely low for industrial processes, there are always a small proportion of defects, whatever the product or the service. When you say defects, companies hear losses…

Professor Samuel Bassetto is focusing on issues related to the conception, production and organization quality, at the entire productions systems and products life cycles. His work, along with the research conducted by his team at the CIMAR LAB, enable to support companies in their continuous improvement and process optimization projects. Their research have notably resulted in the creation of STARS, an integrated methodology tools for continuous improvement. Their results are exploited by numerous industries in various sectors such as aerospace, semiconductors, health systems and electromechanics.

Samuel Bassetto holds a PhD in Industrial engineering from ParisTech Arts & Métiers since 2005; he also holds a DEA in Artificial intelligence for Université de Nancy since 2001. He is currently an assistant professor at the Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering at Polytechnique Montréal.


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