Artificial Intelligence Innovation Summit

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Artificial Intelligence Innovation Summit

18 septembre 2017 - 19 septembre 2017

$1795 à $2495

Artificial intelligence (AI) not only revolutionizes the future of life science and healthcare activity, it also translates previously unused clinical data. Through the evolution of technology, life science and healthcare organizations have acquired an unfathomable amount of data about patient populations, genomic profiles, molecular pathology and more in the digital space. Now, AI is able to take the data that has been acquired through applications, tests and platforms; sift through it; and provide actionable insights, if not intelligent decisions.

At the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Summit, our expert speaking faculty will provide insights into the implementation and execution of artificial intelligence platforms in life science and healthcare organizations, define regulatory boundaries and limitations, review the necessary metrics to measure the success and effectiveness of the AI system, and examine case studies of industry vertical use. ExL Events will provide not only forward-thinking conversations but also proven strategies to implement, execute and manage artificial intelligence in your life science organization.

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Début :
18 septembre 2017
Fin :
19 septembre 2017
Prix :
$1795 à $2495

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