April 4, 2022

Opportunity for industrial members to submit an internship offer in development, deployment and maintenance of AI-based software systems

SEMLA rallies software engineering and applied machine learning researchers from Quebec and Canadian Universities specialised in the engineering of Intelligent Software systems. SEMLA researchers aims to develop methods, tools, and technologies allowing the development of secure, reliable, and trustworthy intelligent applications. SEMLA has collaborated with CREATE SE4AI, a training program for graduate students on the development, deployment and maintenance of software systems based on artificial intelligence. The first cohort of master and doctoral students is currently looking for an internship. This is an ideal opportunity to hire new software engineering talent passionate for AI industrialisation for a 4 or 8 month internship.

Internship Description:

  • Internship start date: Summer or Fall 2022
  • Duration of the internship: Typically 4 months.  May be extended to 8 months for PhD students depending on availability.
  • Students are located in Montreal, Kingston and Edmonton
  • Funding: possibility of Mitacs (15K / 4 months, subsidized at 50 or 75% by Mitacs)

To submit an internship offer to software engineering students, please fill out this form and send it to your advisor or to the following address: For projects starting in the summer, projects are accepted until April 15, 2022*.
*If this date is not possible for you, please contact your advisor.