December 15, 2022

Contribute to knowledge mobilization in artificial intelligence by becoming a beta tester for one of our next online courses (MOOCs)!

Entitled “Machine Learning Use Cases in Finance”, this course will soon be available for beta testing on the edX platform. It will be launched officially in February 2023.

The course content, delivered in English, is divided into 5 modules:

  1. Introduction and Background
  2. Reminder Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  3. Graph Neural Networks in Finance
  4. ESG Assessment
  5. Portfolio Design using Reinforcement Learning

Candidate Profile

This beta testing opportunity is open to both students and professionals. We are looking for people that meet the following criteria:

Scientific training;

  • Professional experience in a technical, scientific or administrative field, or experience working for a tech company or a business which relies on technology in its operations;
  • Any other relevant experience;
  • Availability between January 16 and February 6, 2023, to perform the beta test.


  • Beta testing will be done exclusively online on the EDUlib platform.
  • Each module takes between 1h and 3h to be tested.
  • You must commit to testing at least 1 of the 5 modules (more if you wish).

Benefits and Perks

  • Build your skill set! If you are already employed, quickly apply these new concepts to your everyday job!
  • Receive a free certificate of achievement ($200 value)! This certificate will only be issued if you beta test the entire MOOC and correctly answer the formative and summative quizzes. If you beta test fewer modules (1 to 4), be aware that the MOOC will remain open to you beyond February 6, 2023, if you wish to complete the whole course and obtain your free certificate.


Contact us before January 8, 2023, by email: