20 Nov 2018


INNODIRECT, the bias-free collaborative brainstorming and business matching platform, has joined the Institute for Data Valorization (IVADO), a Montréal-based organization that brings together industry professionals and academic researchers to develop leading-edge expertise in data science.

The five-year strategic partnership aims to set out innovative digital solutions for unbiased collaboration. The research projects arising from the new alliance will focus on artificial intelligence, data science and operations research and serve to enhance the collaborative web platform developed by INNODIRECT. The partnership will also support training for future data scientist and the recruitment of emerging experts in a range of fields.

INNODIRECT is a bias-free collaborative brainstorming and business matching platform. It fosters discussions and links that transcend identity-, hierarchy- and sector-based barriers and habits to foster a collaborative environment built on inclusion, objectivity, innovative thinking and meritocracy. INNODIRECT’s innovative approach sets itself apart from current platforms by providing secure anonymity: supervised, facilitated and anonymous discussions between authenticated users. Human validators oversee each message to ensure its courtesy, clarity, relevance and the preservation of the anonymity of those involved. The validation process plays a critical role in obstructing the trolls that plague online discussion forums. Human facilitators encourage sharing to foster the achievement of concrete results.

The partnership with IVADO will support the partial automation of the validation and facilitation processes, accelerating message publication, moving discussions forward and thus constituting a key lever for platform growth. Artificial intelligence will also make it possible to integrate an automated suggestions services based on similarity of interests and user compatibility to create collaborations that are outside of the box.

“Innovation demands an environment in which ideas can be expressed without criticism or fear of judgment for inclusive, open and fair debate. The ensuing unbiased collaborations are a catalyst for innovative solutions. It is possible to harness data science and artificial intelligence to partially automate the validation and facilitation processes and foster collaborations based on common needs, as well as the common ground between individuals. We are very pleased to be joining forces with IVADO’s academic expertise and ecosystem of digital intelligence researchers and experts,” affirmed Philippe Meloni, CEO, INNODIRECT.



INNODIRECT is the response by Philippe Meloni, information and communication technologies specialist, and Dominique Sauvé, collaboration and open innovation specialist, to the observation that a number of organizations and networks were not reaching their full potential owing to collaboration barriers such as the silo mentality, biases and reputation-related issues. Together, they devised the ideal collaborative platform to drive innovation and achieve the improbable.


L’institut de valorisation des données (IVADO) est né d’une initiative de HEC Montréal, Polytechnique Montréal et de l’Université de Montréal qui regroupe plus d’une centaine de partenaires industriels, académiques et gouvernementaux. Avec plus de 1000 scientifiques, IVADO est un centre de compétences avancées et multidisciplinaires dans les domaines des statistiques, de l’intelligence artificielle et de la recherche opérationnelle.

Sa mission est de : 1) Participer au développement d’une filière économique autour de l’exploitation des données massives pour la prise de décision; 2) Développer des partenariats privilégiés entre l’industrie et les milieux administratifs, sociaux et universitaires; 3) Contribuer à l’avancement des connaissances et former les nouvelles générations de scientifiques des données et; 4) Favoriser l’échange et le partage des connaissances entre spécialistes, partenaires, chercheurs et étudiants.

IVADO fédère six centres de recherche : Chaire d’excellence en recherche du Canada sur la science des données pour la prise de décision, CIRRELT, CRM, GERAD, MILA et le Tech3Lab.



Sandra Estrela
Member Services Coordinator, IVADO
Cellular: 438-824-7244