Partners and Collaborators

IVADO brings together operational research, artificial intelligence and data science and enables the synergy between various resources and expertises across the academic world and industry. IVADO catalyses exchanges and knowledge sharing between specialists, partners, researchers and students of its network.

To achieve its mission, IVADO relies on the members of the first hour for the knowledge transfer and industrial collaboration. Research chairs members of IVADO have a privileged contact with severa industrial partners to develop and foster new projects and deliver results operable for both industry, research and society.

IVADO membership

A company willing to become a member or partner of IVADO must sign a letter of agreement defining mutual commitments. The list of new members and partners will be submitted to the IVADO Governing Board for approval.

1- Categories of Industrial companies paying for a membership

Regular Membership:

Large corporations in the private and parapublic sector subscribing to an annual membership of $ 25K. Different support services for the definition and the assembly of a project to the training and the accompaniment are offered to these members. They benefit from visibility on the website and for the events organized by IVADO.

Philanthropic Membership:

Companies or foundations contributing at least $ 150K per year to basic research activities without commitment (donations). They benefit from visibility on the website and access events organized by IVADO. 

SME Membership: (10 or more employees but less than 500 employees) subscribing to an annual membership of $5K; Their annual membership will be reduced for the second year to $ 1000, as long as they contribute at least $25K to IVADO research projects. They benefit from assistance in setting up projects to benefit from leverage on their financing.

Startup Membership: (less than 10 employees): subscribing to a membership of $ 500. They benefit from a support service for the assembly of projects and free consultations for the achievement of their objectives.


Become an IVADO partner

IVADO bring companies and researchers together to develop technological breakthroughs in data valorization.

If interested to become partners, please contact us.

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