Become an industrial member

IVADO industrial members

Who are the IVADO industrial members?

IVADO has more than 80 industrial members from all different sectors and sizes. IVADO industrial members share a common desire to create collaborations with the academic community and to advance their organization in data science.

Consult the list of members and partners.

Why become an IVADO industrial member?

Being an IVADO industrial member allows organizations of all sizes to:

  • Benefit from academic research support in order to find the appropriate academic experts interested in meeting the challenges of IVADO members. IVADO has access to a pool of more than 1200 professors, students and postdoctoral students from various universities. It can also offer support for financing research in data science.
  • Gain access to a team that wants to help you advance innovation and data science in your organization.
  • Be part of a unique network of organizations from here and abroad facing similar challenges. Sharing their challenges allows these organizations to:
    • Establish collaborative research projects together and receive additional funding for collaborative academic research;
    • To establish strategic partnerships with other IVADO members.
  • Obtain exclusive access or discounts for training offered by IVADO and its members and academic partners.
  • Access exclusive events for IVADO members such as the biannual data science internship and job fair (in September and January).

How to become an IVADO industrial member?

1- Validate that the annual fees meet your organization’s financial guidelines:

Regular industrial Membership: Large corporations in the private and parapublic sector subscribing to an annual membership of $ 25K.

Philanthropic industrial Membership: Companies or foundations contributing at least $ 150K per year to basic research activities without commitment (donations).

SME industrial Membership (10 or more employees but less than 500 employees) and non-profit organizations: subscribing  to an annual membership of $5K; Their annual membership will be reduced for the second year to $ 1000, as long as they contribute at least $25K to IVADO research projects.

Startup industrial Membership (less than 10 employees): subscribing to a membership of $500.

Finally, it is important to mention that the smallest collaborative research projects generally cost $7.5k in addition to the annual membership fees (Note: the latter amount assumes the allocation of MITACS acceleration funding and your organization is eligible).

It should be noted that research tax credit programs can allow organizations to recover a portion of the amounts invested in collaborative research.

2- Complete the following form (assumes funding required is validated, form available soon).

The Partnerships team reviews all completed forms as a team to determine the best way forward. Given the high demand, it takes 2-3 weeks from the submission of the form to the first contact with the IVADO Partnerships team. It is very important to complete this form properly in order to avoid unnecessary delays and to ensure that your application is prioritized.