Sébastien Giguère


Sebastien’s expertise in Machine Learning and Computational Biology gave him the opportunity to assist and contribute to the current in silico revolution in the life sciences. He is passionate about bridging the gap between machine learning and the life sciences to help address life-threatening diseases.

In the past, he worked with laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals on projects that include: the use of machine learning for the design of pharmaceutical compounds, the prediction of antigen recognized by the MHC pathway for vaccine and immunotherapy applications, the prediction of protein-protein interactions for drug target identification, and the prediction of antimicrobial resistance to treat multidrug-resistant infections.

He earned his Ph.D. in machine learning at Laval University and did his post-doctoral fellowship at the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC) of the University of Montreal. Before co-founding InVivo AI to streamline the development of new medications, he spent 2 years as a research scientist at Imagia, a prominent startup in AI for healthcare.