Mariloue Daudier

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Advisor

Mariloue Daudier holds a bachelor’s degree in social work from McGill University along with a master’s in social innovation management from HEC Montréal. Her work experience led her to specialize in diversity management, participative leadership and inclusive processes. She began her career in management as Manager of francization / collective activities and facilitator at Carrefour le Moutier, where she implemented a buddy system that continues to support sociolinguistic integration of newcomers to Québec. She was then Co-ordinator of the Regroupement des organismes en francisation du Québec, where her role included co-ordinating and lobbying on behalf of some 60 groups offering French courses to immigrants across Québec via the Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion. She then held the position of Project Co-ordinator, Enable Montreal, with the Concordia University Office of Community Engagement, overseeing a design challenge that invited multidisciplinary teams (e.g., students, engineers, activists, organizations) to co-create solutions to make the City of Montréal more accessible and inclusive for people living with physical disabilities. Just prior to joining IVADO, she was a training project manager at the Comité sectoriel de main-d’oeuvre économie sociale action communautaire. In her role, she co-ordinated multiple projects simultaneously, including training programs in salary equity, knowledge transfer, HR marketing, psychological harassment, and collective entrepreneurship for youth.

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