Sira Maïga

Research Co-ordinator

A professional with a passion for science, Sira Maïga has been active in both fundamental and clinical research for more than a decade. After completing a PhD in physiology and pathophysiology at Université Pierre et Marie Curie à Paris, she was a project lead for a contracted research company in nutrition. She then furthered her experience in project management and co-ordination with a four-year stint as a research co-ordinator at the CHU Sainte-Justine Research Centre. The diverse and varied research areas to which she has contributed include cancer, cardiovascular disease, eating behaviours, psychology and behaviour in children and young adults, as well as drug and alcohol abuse. Her career has repeatedly brought her into contact with data science. Sira is fascinated by big data and is now continuing her career in research support with IVADO, as Research Co-ordinator.