2018 Industrial Problem Solving Workshop (IPSW)

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2018 Industrial Problem Solving Workshop (IPSW)

19 août 2018 @ 08h00 - 24 août 2018 @ 17h00

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The Institutes’ Industrial Problem Solving Workshops aim to create mutually beneficial links between industrial researchers and their counterparts in academia, with a focus on mathematical, statistical, and computational problems that arise in real industrial setting. Research workers with industrial and commercial concerns are invited to present one of their current technical problems. Leading specialists from the academic community study these problems in teams during the week-long workshop, then present a summary the results of their study back to the industrial participants at the end of the week. The teams also prepare complete reports for delivery to the industrial sponsors.

History and Mission Statement

The three Canadian institutes of CRM, Fields, and PIMS were established at several decades ago, focused on the mission of advancing research, education and outreach in all aspects of the mathematical sciences. The IPSWs in Canada began 20 years ago in Western Canada with the PIMS workshops, and are loosely modelled on the “study groups” pioneered by the University of Oxford (see www.maths-in-industry.org). With generous funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, the IPSW and related events form a key component of industrial activity for the institutes.


The goal of the IPSW is to connect industries with faculty, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students with expertise in industrial case-studies. This interaction is fostered in the specific context of a problem-solving session over 5 days. The case-studies in question have a significant mathematical or statistical content and in many instances lead to further collaboration and industrial development.


Début :
19 août 2018 @ 08h00
Fin :
24 août 2018 @ 17h00
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