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AI For Social Good Lab

14 mai - 21 juin

Carrying on the success of the AI for Social Good Summer Lab held by the McGill University Office of Innovation in 2017 – OSMOMcGill University & the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms will be running a 6-week 2018 Lab that teaches technical concepts in machine learning, in addition to digital product development, design and business development tactics applied all with the goal of solving a social problem. It is our belief that AI should drive innovation to address key societal challenges that impact the lives of millions of people.

It is also our belief that AI research and product development needs to be more inclusive. This has motivated us to create opportunities for women to gain training, experience, and mentorship in machine learning techniques and product development by leveraging various ecosystem partners in the Montreal technology and start-up community.

The objective of this program is to provide a unique opportunity for women to gain training, experience, and exposure to machine learning techniques, product development, and career opportunities in the technology and startup ecosystem in Montreal. Find out more.


Début :
14 mai
Fin :
21 juin
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