September 9, 2020

New at IVADO

We’ve certainly come a long way since we began operations in 2016 after receiving our grant from the Canada First Research Excellence Fund! Our IVADO team has been enriched by new talents, and our community similarly strengthened by members, partners and collaborators from the full spectrum of academic and industry backgrounds. Together, we have made substantial progress in the mission entrusted to us: to innovate at the heart of the digital revolution transforming our society, from data to decision-making.

“I am exceedingly proud of the many initiatives we have successfully undertaken these past four years in the Québec digital intelligence ecosystem. We will continue to leverage our unique positioning and our combined expertise in data science, machine learning and operations research to advance research and collaborative projects in digital intelligence.”
– Gilles Savard, CEO

IVADO is thus committed to training the emerging generation, broadening knowledge, and accelerating adoption of digital intelligence methods and tools in society. The research projects on which we collaborate address diverse areas including health, transport and logistics, business and finance, natural resources, and many more. This past year, we mobilized quickly and decisively with our community to help in the collective efforts to combat COVID-19, and we’re continuing the work initiated to that end.

To maximize our impact in our community, we also worked to define a new strategic plan based on our four pillars:

“We’re delighted to present our new brand environment. It too has evolved to reflect our updated strategy, and you’ll find it on all of our communications platforms from now on.”
– Laurence Beaulieu, Deputy CEO

The defining element of this brand image renewal is our new logo, which tells the story of who we are and what we do:

  • “Four structural pillars”: The four most prominent rhombus shapes in the logo symbolize our four strategic pillars, around which our entire story is built.
  • “Data”: They are at the heart of everything we do, and are represented by the rhombus shapes, which were part of our former logo and which we’ve kept.
  • “Our community”: We act in synergy with our members, partners and collaborators, and that is reflected in the choice of a circular shape. The colour gradient, meanwhile, symbolizes the energy and vitality of our community.
  • “Talents of today and tomorrow”: Without them, progress is impossible! The rhombus shapes thus have a dual identity: they represent data, but talents as well: “diamonds” with many facets and skill sets.

We hope you appreciate this new brand environment as much as we do, and we invite you to explore our new website!

The IVADO team