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We are convinced that companies that integrate digital intelligence into their strategy gain a competitive advantage and become better equipped to face the challenges and opportunities of the ongoing digital transition. Companies that contact us benefit from the following advantages:

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Maximum leverage effects on collaborative projects and access to fast-track financing.


Access to a multidisciplinary team of 12 dedicated expert advisors and a network of 150+ members and partners.



Exclusive access, free admission and discounts on IVADO training and events including the internship and job fair.


Access to Communities of Practice and interest and a network of organizations facing similar challenges.

Industrial members

We have more than 100 industrial members from various sectors, of varying size,  and with a variety of primary missions. All of our members are driven by a common desire to connect with academia so as to advance digital innovation within their organizations.

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Collaborative research

We collaborate with our industrial members to develop digital intelligence research through interdisciplinary and innovative projects in fields as diverse as human health, transportation, finance, commerce, manufacturing, energy, sports, user experience, software development, business management, agriculture, and cybersecurity.

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“Collaborative research conveys several values. Values of openness with respect to ideas, with respect to skills. Values of sharing, sharing risks, sharing challenges, sharing resources. Under these conditions, collaborative research is truly a major tool in our R&D strategy!”

– David De Almeida, Director of Research / Technologies, Innovation and Projects Division, SNCF Group

“Thanks to IVADO, we met three challenges with aplomb. The first was recruiting in record time [. . .], the second was the challenge of receiving subsidies, and the third was setting up and sustaining an R&D unit within our company.”

– Elsa Vande Voorde, Co-founder and CEO, ElligencIA

Services for faculty members

We work with professors in our community to mobilize digital intelligence knowledge and conduct collaborative research projects in various fields. For the professors, this is an opportunity to benefit from :

  1. a community of over 120 industry members and partners
  2. funding for fundamental and collaborative research
  3. support for the recruitment of digital intelligence talent
  4. examples of concrete applications in industry.

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Network partners

We have established several network partnerships with major players in the field to foster the emergence of projects and events dedicated to digital intelligence in aerospace, land mobility (logistics and transportation of goods, intelligent and electric transportation), and agrifood sectors.

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