September 16, 2020

Koïos Intelligence joins IVADO

Montréal, September 16, 2020Koïos Intelligence is proud to announce the signing of a partnership with IVADO to further innovation and the integration of artificial intelligence in Québec’s insurance and financial services sector.

Koïos Intelligence develops conversational AI platforms for the financial sector to manage interactions between agents, intermediaries and customers and enhance the customer experience. Driven by state-of-the-art natural language processing technology and chiefly cutting-edge BERT architectures, Olivo was designed to meet the digital expectations of today’s customers.

The new alliance will strengthen IVADO’s position as a hub that brings together professionals and researchers who specialize in data science, artificial intelligence and operations research. Koïos will augment the institute’s efforts to foster joint initiatives between Québec universities and industry.

In collaboration with IVADO, Koïos Intelligence will bridge business and academic realities.

“The only way our scientific community could develop the best tools for industry was by gaining an in-depth understanding of the challenges institutions face and user realities. The operationalization of artificial intelligence hinges upon the merger between business and technical expertise,” affirmed Mohamed Hanini, CEO and chief scientist at Koïos Intelligence.

Joining forces will foster the integration of data scientists and researchers to fast-track the operationalization of artificial intelligence and operations research in an already dynamic ecosystem.

About Koïos Intelligence

Founded in 2017, Koïos Intelligence aims to manage the interactions between agents, intermediaries and customers and enhance the customer experience. Combining the knowledge of its key experts enables Koïos to develop new technologies that are redefining the insurance and finance sector and improve customer experiences. Based in Montréal, the fast-growing firm has led several projects in collaboration with major financial institutions in Europe and North Africa.


IVADO emerged from an initiative led by Université de Montréal, HEC Montréal and Polytechnique Montréal in 2016. With the support of its ecosystem, which links the academic, industrial and institutional sectors, IVADO develops leading-edge expertise in a range of digital intelligence fields, including data science, artificial intelligence and operations research, and helps transform new scientific breakthroughs into practical applications, economic opportunities and benefits for society.  

Sandra Estrela
Communications Coordinator, IVADO
Cellular: 438-824-7244