October 22, 2020

HAXIO joins IVADO to accelerate innovation in machine vision

Montréal, October 21, 2020HAXIO and the IVADO Institute are very pleased to announce the signing of a partnership to foster innovation and the integration of digital intelligence in machine vision.

HAXIO helps manufacturing companies reduce non-quality production costs through the development and implementation of innovative automated inspection systems driven by artificial intelligence to predict and prevent eventual production defects.

As part of a project initiated by a Montréal manufacturer, HAXIO developed an automated system to inspect prefilled saline syringes. The station ensures no contaminants, such as plastic or metal particles, enter the syringes produced by the company.

Through its partnership with IVADO, École de technologie supérieure and Prompt, HAXIO strengthened its artificial intelligence capacities to create a model whose degree of precision exceeds industry standards with a significantly simplified mechanical system as compared to competing products that can cost millions of US dollars.

“Thanks to IVADO’s networking with our academic partners and the institute’s support while the project was underway, we achieved exceptional results and were approached by other manufacturing companies in the pharmaceutical and medical field. The demand has led our team to reimagine how our system could apply to other products, including future COVID-19 vaccines,” said Alexandre Gervais, founder and CEO of HAXIO.

“We are very happy to welcome HAXIO’s multidisciplinary team into our network. HAXIO’s innovative expertise in machine vision will lead to collaborative research projects applied to the wider manufacturing sector, where quality control is key,” affirmed Nancy Laramée, director of partnerships, IVADO.


With a team cumulating more than 20 years of experience, over 300 projects with some of the biggest industry players and a North America global presence, HAXIO is proudly positioned as a specialist in industrial vision. To democratize the implementation of automated inspection systems in industrial settings, HAXIO is developing FactorySight: the most flexible and versatile artificial intelligence-based vision software for quality inspection processes.


IVADO emerged from an initiative led by Université de Montréal, HEC Montréal and Polytechnique Montréal in 2016. With the support of its ecosystem, which links the academic, industrial and institutional sectors, IVADO develops leading-edge expertise in a range of digital intelligence fields, including data science, artificial intelligence and operations research, and helps transform new scientific breakthroughs into practical applications, economic opportunities and benefits for society. 


Alexandre Gervais
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, HAXIO
Telephone: 438-601-3879

Sandra Estrela
Communications Coordinator, IVADO
Cellular: 438-824-7244