January 21, 2022

5 major scientific challenges on our agenda !

We’re excited to announce the five topic areas chosen for our Strategic Research Funding Program! The research programs stemming from these topics will be launched in 2022 and will tackle ambitious scientific challenges in artificial intelligence (AI), each of which has the potential for major, even transformative, scientific and socio-economic impacts.

  • Topic Area 1: Integrated Machine Learning and Optimization for Decision Making under Uncertainty
  • Topic Area 2: AI, Biodiversity and Climate Change
  • Topic Area 3: Human health and secondary use of data
  • Topic Area 4: AI for the discovery of materials and molecules
  • Topic Area 5: Human-centered AI: From Responsible Algorithm Development to Human Adoption of AI

Visit this page to learn more about the programs and the lead researchers who will be tasked with ensuring their success. Local teams will be assembled, with international collaborations encouraged as well, to ensure that Québec and the rest of Canada continue to play a leading role in these research fields.

It’s important for us to reiterate that these research programs will be implemented in compliance with IVADO’s equity, diversity and inclusion principles as well as our guidelines for conducting research responsibly.

We’re eager to carry on our work to ensure that the scientific, social and economic impacts are equal to the potential of each program and are aligned with the criteria for next Canada First Research Excellence Fund competition.

The IVADO Team