April 14, 2022

Borealis AI and IVADO partner to accelerate and strengthen machine learning adoption and responsible AI in Quebec’s financial sector

Montréal, April 14, 2022Borealis AI, a world-class artificial intelligence (AI) research center backed by the Royal Bank of Canada, is pleased to announce that it has become a member of the Montréal-based Institute for Data Valorisation (IVADO). This partnership will foster advances in machine learning (ML) adoption and responsible AI for the financial services sector.

Montreal boasts the largest concentration of deep learning academic researchers in the world. As IVADO expands its influence, reach and impact, Borealis AI is thrilled to collaborate with IVADO on accelerating  digital intelligence adoption and discoveries.

Recognized for its scientific excellence, Borealis AI uses the latest in machine learning capabilities to solve challenging problems in the financial industry. With a focus on natural language processing, reinforcement learning, neural networks, and other innovative methods, Borealis AI is committed to building solutions that will transform the way individuals manage their finances and their futures, while promoting transparent, fair and ethical approaches.

IVADO is a collaborative institute focusing on transforming new digital intelligence discoveries into concrete applications and benefits for all of society. Driven by a deep conviction that data and algorithms can change the world we live in, IVADO aims to help train future talent, develop leading-edge knowledge, support the co-development of ideas, and build communities of interest around digital intelligence.

At Borealis AI, we are equally convinced by the power of digital intelligence to catalyze positive societal change. And we know that collaboration is the best way to create value. Through this partnership, we hope to encourage greater academic collaboration, help diversify the Montreal ML talent pool, and make a positive impact on society.

“Our Partnership with IVADO isn’t just about getting closer to the Montreal ML community. It’s about working together to accelerate new discoveries that can benefit all of society,” noted Dr. Eirene Seiradaki, Director of Research Partnerships at Borealis AI. “At Borealis AI, we look forward to working closely with IVADO and its partners to help accelerate Quebec’s digital transformation and create positive social value.”

“The ethical and transparent use of AI is critical to maintaining trust and accountability and the adoption of responsible AI technology remains at the core of our mission. This partnership with Borealis AI will help pool our efforts and expertise to advance responsible data-driven innovation in the financial sector, a significant driver of Quebec and Canada’s economy” explained Nancy Laramée, Director of partnerships, IVADO.

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