February 7, 2023

As a key player of the digital ecosystem in Québec and Canada, IVADO is proud to have contributed to the creation of the Réseau de recherche francophone en intelligence artificielle [Francophone Research Network in Artificial Intelligence], or RéFIA.

Overseen by the Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) [Association of Francophone Universities], this network brings together various stakeholders in higher education and academia, with the objective of ensuring the growth and excellence of Francophone AI. It was created in the context of the second International Conference on Francophone Science, which was held in Cairo from October 26 to 28, 2022.

IVADO’s CEO, Luc Vinet, participated in the constitutive general assembly that launched RéFIA. He thus had the opportunity to bring the Institute’s recognized expertise, extensive experience, and unique vision to bear upon this new initiative, productively shaping its mission statement and action plan. A frontrunner of AI valorization, IVADO will undoubtedly play a key role within RéFIA in the years to come.

With English dominating the world of technology, it is critical to ensure the linguistic democratization of AI. Indeed, embracing linguistic diversity features among the best practices in terms of equity, diversity and inclusion in research. As an established leader on this matter in Canada, IVADO will actively contribute to the success of RéFIA’s mission.