September 28, 2023

True North Marine and IVADO Unveil Advanced AI-Driven OptiNav for Revolutionary Maritime Optimization

Montreal, Canada – September 28, 2023. True North Marine (TNM), specialists in optimized weather routing and decarbonisation for ocean going vessels, is thrilled to unveil significant upgrades to OptiNav, their cutting edge voyage optimization software during the prestigious ALL IN event in Montreal. Developed in a pioneering collaboration with IVADO as well as esteemed professors from top Canadian universities, this release marks a leap forward in leveraging machine learning and human expertise for maritime operations. This signifies the company’s dedication to deploying clean and competitive technologies that address the environmental challenges of our time.

Impressive Beta Testing Outcomes

During its beta phase, OptiNav was rigorously tested by 15-20 maritime companies, and the results were nothing short of outstanding. The software consistently delivered fuel savings in the range of 5-10%. To put this into perspective, this would be a savings of 2 to 3 metric tons of fuel per day per ship or enough to fill the tank of 50 cars.  When extrapolated over an entire year and a fleet of vessels, the savings are significant.   These numbers not only highlight the product’s capability but also its potential impact on the environment and profitability for businesses in the maritime sector.

Next-Level Route Optimization with AI and Human Expertise

OptiNav employs advanced AI algorithms, co-developed by TNM and IVADO, to offer a unique multi-objective model that balances cost factors, safety, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. IVADO’s expertise in generating, stimulating, and supporting AI initiatives has been instrumental in transforming OptiNav into a next-generation digital solution.

IVADO is an interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral research, training and knowledge mobilization consortium whose mission is to develop and promote a robust, reasoning and responsible AI. Led by Université de Montréal with four university partners (Polytechnique Montréal, HEC Montréal, Université Laval and McGill University), IVADO brings together research centres, government bodies and industry members to co-build ambitious cross-sectoral initiatives with the goal of fostering a paradigm shift for AI and its adoption.

True North Marine was at a crossroads as it was clear our industry was prioritizing decarbonization and digitization. We knew we had to pivot, and the task was daunting. We reached out to IVADO as a partner and cannot be happier with the results as we have addressed an industry need with an innovative service which at its core is supported by a powerful algorithm, built with the team from IVADO

Brian Hatter

President, True North Marine

Academic Contributions

Special thanks to the academic minds behind this project: Professor Mikael Rönnqvist (Université Laval), Professor Jean-François Cordeau (HEC), Professor Jean-François Audy (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières), and Professor Camelia Dadouchi (Polytechnique Montréal). Their expertise has significantly enriched OptiNav’s analytical capabilities, and have been recognized as they were awarded first prize for “Weather Routing for Maritime Vessels” at the prestigious CORS (Canadian Operational Research Society).

The collaboration between the academic and industrial partners in the project has been very open, productive, and rewarding. TNM staff has a very deep knowledge and understanding in maritime routing and have always transferred both quantitative and qualitative knowledge to us. At the same time, TNM has shown a great interest and been appreciative in what competences and solution approaches we bring into the overall development of OptiNav. I believe OptiNav is an excellent proof of what close collaboration between academia and industry can accomplish.

Mikael Rönnqvist

Professor in Industrial Engineering at Université Laval
Canada Research Chair in Operations Research in Natural Resources

Unparalleled Features for Maritime Excellence

OptiNav is designed as a one-stop solution for maritime voyage optimization:

  • Customizable Goals: Users can specify their optimization objectives, such as least voyage cost, shortest time, least emissions, or a unique hybrid.
  • Commercial Objectives: A new module respects charter party warranties, enabling optimal vessel routing without contractual hindrances.
  • Holistic Approach: OptiNav operates across all voyage stages, from pre-voyage planning to real-time actionable advice.
  • Human-in-the-Loop: TNM Analysts, including several ex seafarers act as the bridge between client and OptiNav, ensuring optimal solutions and real-time anomaly detection.

Advanced Technologies in Use

  • Weather Data: Integrates meteorological and oceanographic data for dynamic routing.
  • Vessel Performance Database: Simulates vessel performance under varying weather conditions for real-time optimization.
  • Risk Assessment: Advanced path-finding methods take into consideration a wide range of environmental factors,  including the International Maritime Organization (IMO)’s Emission Control Areas.

Our partnership with True North Marine stands as one of IVADO’s greatest success stories. Their dedication to sustainability and cutting-edge technology has yielded OptiNav, a game-changing solution that’s reshaping a greener global maritime industry. We take pride in our transformative collaboration and look forward to future achievements together.

Nancy Laramée

Partnerships Director, IVADO

Future Outlook

True North Marine is committed to a sustainable future and are proud members of Green Marine as well as the UN Global Compact. By leveraging their maritime expertise with cutting edge technology, True North Marine will continue to develop products and services to assist the maritime industry with its decarbonization challenge while ensuring profitability for their clients.


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