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organizations in Quebec, Canada and internationally are members of IVADO

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researchers from 22 Canadian universities are involved in our collaborative research projects

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collaborative research projects worth over $77M have been undertaken since 2017

Customized support

To ensure that artificial intelligence technologies provide innovative solutions to your business problems, our team offers customized support based on collaboration with specialists in the research field, professors, and rising talents, regardless of your stage of technological maturity.

Our team will share their expertise with you to help you find key resources for your initiatives, and guide you through the various funding and R&D programs offered by universities and funding agencies in Quebec and Canada. See how ElligencIA was able to recruit, finance its recruitment and R&D activities, and sustain its R&D activities thanks to our support:

Investigation stage: training, data mapping, proof of concept, etc. Watch this testimonial.

Experimentation stage: strategic support, funding applications, etc. Find out how our member Logiag benefited from it!

Industrialization stage: advice and experience sharing via our communities of practice!

Propulsion stage: identification of the best talents for the advancement of your R&D projects, and inter-organizational collaboration opportunities. Hear the story of Jean-Simon Venne of BrainBox AI.

Exclusive benefits

 By becoming a member of IVADO, your organization will gain access to multiple opportunities within the artificial intelligence ecosystem.

Privileged meetings with students via our internship and job fairs.

Special rates to participate in our trainings.

Visibility and networking opportunities, notably via our annual “Zooming in on multidisciplinary AI” event.

Exclusive support in entrepreneurship.

Industrial members

We have more than 100 industrial members from various sectors, of varying size,  and with a variety of primary missions. All of our members are driven by a common desire to connect with academia so as to advance digital innovation within their organizations.

Get to know our members!

Network partners

We have established several network partnerships with major players in the field to foster the emergence of projects and events dedicated to digital intelligence in aerospace, land mobility (logistics and transportation of goods, intelligent and electric transportation), and agrifood sectors.

Discover our network partners!

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