November 5, 2020

IVADO Governance Appointments

I am very pleased to announce four new appointments ratified by the IVADO Board of Directors:

  • Marie-Josée Hébert, Vice-Rector, Research, Discovery, Creation and Innovation, Université de Montréal, as Chair of the IVADO Board of Directors; she succeeds Robert Gagné, Associate Director, Research and Knowledge Transfer, HEC Montréal, following the end of his four-year term.
  • Alain Lavoie, CEO of Irosoft, as an industrial member of the IVADO Board of Directors, replacing Christian Faubert.
  • Isabel Cyr, Director, Consulting Services, CAI Global, as an industrial member of the IVADO Technology Transfer Committee, replacing Nicolas Le Jeune.
  • Pape Wade, co-founder and CEO of Airudi, a as an industrial member of the IVADO Technology Transfer Committee, replacing Alain Lavoie.

I offer my sincere thanks to Robert Gagné for his contributions as Chair of the IVADO Board of Directors, a role he had filled since the Institute’s founding in September 2016. His involvement on the Board has played a decisive role in shaping the vision and influence of IVADO. Mr. Gagné will remain a member of the Board as the representative of HEC Montréal.

Thanks are also due to Christian Faubert, Nicolas Le Jeune and Alain Lavoie for their dedication to their respective duties as members of the IVADO Board of Directors and Technology Transfer Committee, as well as for their invaluable contributions to the Institute’s mission and success.

I also join you all in wishing a warm welcome to Marie-Josée Hébert, Alain Lavoie, Isabel Cyr and Pape Wade in their new roles within our governance structure, which some of them were already part of. I’m delighted that we can look to their expertise and values in framing our decisions and pursuing our ambitious goals.

IVADO’s governance structure has also been augmented with a new International Advisory Committee. Its members will be tasked with advising on strategies to be used to enhance IVADO’s international outreach, and submitting proposals to the Board of Directors.

Please have a look at IVADO’s governance structure on this this page.

Gilles Savard