Equity, diversity and inclusion

Diversity and data science

IVADO creates synergies between three main areas of expertise that are changing our society: data analytics, operational research and artificial intelligence (AI). Unfortunately, many large groups in our society, particularly women, are currently underrepresented in these areas. The lack of diversity in this ecosystem hampers excellence and sustainable development in data science, and poses major risks to innovation. The reproduction of biases and perpetuation of discrimination based on gender or ethnic or social origin are examples of these risks.

As a leader in an evolving field, IVADO is committed to ensuring that the ecosystem it drives makes use of all talents, and that the knowledge advancement and opportunities that result from this benefit all members of society equally.

In response to these various issues, IVADO developed its reference framework for EDI :

IVADO EDI Reference Framework

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PDF version

Press release

  • Area 1 – talent: increase the participation and influence of groups that are under-represented in data science to enrich the pool of talent and ideas that form the ecosystem.
  • Area 2 – institutions: understand and eliminate the structural and institutional obstacles to the inclusion of these groups through studies and scientific careers.
  • Area 3 – knowledge: strengthen the quality, benefits and social relevance of research in data science by taking into account diversity and bias issues in the production of knowledge.
Initiatives to promote EDI

As part of Area 1, IVADO supports activities, projects and programs specifically aimed at attracting, developing and increasing the visibility of talents in data science throughout their career:

As part of Area 2, IVADO supports institutional and political changes:

  • IVADO appointed Professor Vincent Larivière, Canada Research Chair in the Transformations of Scholarly Communication, to conduct a survey of researchers in the IVADO ecosystem to better understand their perceptions and experiences related to EDI.
  • IVADO supports researcher Gita Ghiasi, whose work focuses on gender and equality issues in science and technology.
  • Support for the creation and structuring of the Québec Interuniversity Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Network, which brings together some 100 members from all the universities in the province.

As part of Area 3, IVADO commits to having its ecosystem of researchers and industrialists take into account equity in data science: