My Research Project In 800 Words

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The purpose of this program is to enable our IVADO student community to raise awareness of their research projects themselves, with supervision and guidance from writing and science popularization professionals. Borrowing the “Digital intelligence to. . .” concept of our other articles on research transfer, these texts will explain the importance of your projects to society, their innovative aspects, and their potential applications. Texts may be written in English or French and will be translated into the other language before being shared on our communications platforms.

Publication and support process
The publication process comprises the following steps:

  • There will be quarterly calls for papers combined with periodic science writing workshops, given online or in person.
  • After each submission deadline, our team will select three to five articles based on the criteria outlined in the following section.
  • If your article is chosen, our professional will follow up with you within 14 days of the submission date. Meetings will then be set up with all selected authors to discuss the texts and issue an initial round of comments.
  • Our professional will then conduct several rounds of follow-up by e-mail to help shape the text into its final form.
  • Our team will produce the final layout of the articles and translate them. Articles will be signed “XXX (student), with advisory support from YYY (science popularization consultant) as part of the My Research Project in 800 Words”
  • A proof will be sent to you for a final check before publication.

Eligibility criteria
Texts submitted must meet the following criteria:

Article evaluation criteria
Articles submitted will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Linguistic and science popularization quality;
  • Compliance with the word count and publication standards;
  • Explanation of the importance of the subject to society, its innovative aspects, and its potential applications;
  • Potential interest of the subject for our IVADO community;
  • Compliance with our overall editorial lines.

If texts of equal quality are submitted, the criterion for selection will be equal representation of undergraduate/graduate levels of study and of our three member universities (Université de Montréal, Polytechnique Montréal, HEC Montréal). Authors of rejected articles will receive detailed comments and will be invited to resubmit at the next call for papers.

Submitting your article
Once your article is compliant with the criteria listed above, submit it to with “Article submission: [Title of your article]” in the subject line. Save the text in MS Word format and use the following filename convention: Lastname_Article subject_v0 (e.g., GuertinPasquier_Data_v0).

Include the following information in the article header:

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Degree cycle
  • Program/Department/School
  • University
  • Gender
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone number

Writing guide
We have produced a downloadable guide that takes you through every step of writing your article.

Articles published as part of this initiative
Digital intelligence to predict links between predators and prey
Digital intelligence to seek the True Causes of Brain Worm Infection
Digital intelligence to help Bionic Ear Users Hear Better