Jean-François Plante
HEC Montréal
Associate professor, Department of Decision Sciences of HEC Montréal
Specialist In Statistics and business intelligence


In the era of online shopping, social networks, mobile phones and other connected equipments, where can we find new business opportunities related to the processing of big data?

Jean-François Plante, associate professor at the Department of Decision Sciences of HEC Montréal, believes that statistics along with the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (particularly in deep-learning), offer new incredible opportunities for company in the field of business intelligence and quantitative marketing. Real gold mines for marketers, big data enables to implement new classification methods that can generate quick and precise associations for decision assistance, sometimes completely automatically. These new discoveries could enable companies to better understand the habits of consumers and users, and therefore, generating better predictions on the evolution of trends of given sets of populations, in order to better direct marketing campaigns.

Jean-François Plante holds a PhD in statistics from the University of British Columbia. His research areas include inferential statistics, dependency models, weighted and likelihood methods. He teaches several courses on applied multidimensional analysis and quantitative methods for research on international affairs.

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