Vanessa Alarie

Advisor, Technology Transfer and Innovation

Project manager with a strong interdisciplinary background, Vanessa has more than nine years of professional experience in various industries: science and technology museums, education and science vulgarization, organizational change, asset management and innovation consultant for international manufacturing companies. She is also an entrepreneurial artist with more than 18 professional exhibitions. Vanessa has an atypical background that makes her highly adaptable and professionally versatile.

Trained as a scientific museologist, Vanessa also holds doctoral schooling in applied human sciences, more precisely on ethical issues of natural science museum exhibitions. In 2020, she completed her academic career with an MBA at HEC Montréal which consolidates her business skills and confirms her interest in the effervescent space of new technologies, artificial intelligence and big data.

Vanessa wishes to catalyze knowledge of experts to contribute significantly to the improvement of society through innovation and value creation by means of knowledge sharing and collaboration on scientific and technological projects.